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The Best Equipment and Materials

Conveyer Line

Our 575ft conveyer line runs on a continuous loop.

  • Capable of supporting 75lbs per linear foot

  • Accommodates parts up to 120"L x 32"W x 60"H 

Powder Guns

We have 8 automatic powder guns for electrostatic spray distribution as well as 2 manual coaters.

Wash System

Our wash system consists of three meticulous stages:

  1. Heated iron-phosphate mix to clean and create microscopic etching on the metal surface. This step is critical to ensure quality and adhesion.

  2. First rinse stage.

  3. Final rinse.

Burn off Oven

For baking powder off steel parts for reconditioning. 

Additional Booth and Batch Oven

For efficient and affordable coating of small parts.

A Skilled and Experienced Team

Our dedicated technicians and knowledgeable staff will oversee your project from quotation to delivery.

conveyor belt carrying items

High Quality Powders

We stock powders from the industry's best suppliers: TCI, Tiger, Sherwin-Williams, Protech, Cardinal, AkzoNobel, and Axalta. All powders are stored in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse to ensure the best quality.

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